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The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office

John W. Anderson


The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office shall constitutionally enforce both criminal and civil law.  Through strength, courage, knowledge and dedication, we will keep our Circuit Court safe and free from threats and violence.  We shall work relentlessly to bring to justice those who violate the law and inflict violence on others.  In the spirit of service, and in keeping with our oath as Law Enforcement Officers, we will, without partiality or prejudice, treat people with fairness, equality, dignity and respect while remaining courteous at all times, consistent with maintaining the people’s trust in a democratic society, all the while furthering the public safety mission of Baltimore City and the State of Maryland.

The Baltimore City Sheriff's Office is a comprehensive unit that provides services to the citizens of Baltimore City as follows:
  • Service of Writs of Execution, Summonses, Subpoenas, and Writs of Possession.
  • Service of Rent Court Orders and Evictions
  • Execution of Arrest Warrants.
  • Execution of Sheriff's Sales.
  • Collection of Fines and Court Costs.
  • Transportation of prisoners to place of incarceration.
  • Maintaining order in the Circuit Court courtrooms.
  • Custodial charge of prisoner during trial.
  • Custodial charge of jurors during sequestration, including transportation to and from overnight accommodations.
  • Execution of Domestic Violence and Peace Orders
  • Criminal Patrol and Crime Suppression Details
  • Traffic Enforcement.

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