How Do I?

Where do I go to pay court costs and fines?

Baltimore City Circuit Courthouse West

100 N. Calvert St, Room 102

(410) 396-1155 

Hours of operation: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Criminal fines or court cost must be paid using one of the following:

Cash, money orders, or bank issued checks. We do not accept personal checks, credit cards or online payments.

How much does it cost for civil process service?

Process Service in state, Writ of Possession & Writ of Garnishment $40

Process Service out of state & Writ of Execution $105

Please make all payments payable to the Director of Finance

(Business & personal checks are accepted for civil processing only)

Can I bring food or drinks into the Courthouse?

Only jurors and employees can bring food and drinks into the courthouse.

What items are NOT allowed in the Courthouse?

Unlawful Weapons Not Permitted

Double Sided Fixed Blades

Switch Blades

Throwing Stars

Straight Razors


Stun Guns/Tasers

Black Jack/Slap Jack



Brass Knuckles

Lawful Items Not Permitted

Folding Knives / Razor Blades

Tools/Hard Hats & Helmets

Pointed Combs

Sprays & Liquids

Laser Pointers

Cigar Cutters



Audio Recording Devices

Knitting Needles

How to file a compliant?

Select "Baltimore City" under Maryland Polices Agencies Policies by Click here