Community Service & Violence Reduction Plan

Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office Community Service and Violence Reduction Plan

Sheriff's Office

Focus on Crime Prevention Education, and Community Outreach

The Sheriff’s Office currently has a Deputy Sheriff assigned full-time to crime prevention education in the Baltimore City Schools, with a strong anti-gang, violence prevention message.  During an eight-month period, there were 32 school presentations and 18 senior/other community center presentations.  

Additionally, at the request of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, Deputies began a security detail at Bell Park Towers, located at 3800 West Belvedere Avenue.  It was reported that this Senior Building was plagued with unauthorized individuals involved in criminal activity, including narcotics activity.  As a result of the Sheriff Deployment, seniors experienced a reduction in fear, loiterers were removed from the facility, and unauthorized individuals were denied access to the facility.


Due to the overwhelming success of the Sheriff deployment at Bell Park Towers, the Housing     Authority of Baltimore City reached out once more to Sheriff Anderson and requested his assistance at Lanvale Towers, a senior/disabled citizen building located at 1300 East Lanvale Street in East Baltimore. The Sheriff immediately agreed to help and Deputy Sheriffs are currently providing law enforcement services to keep our seniors and disabled residents safe and secure.   Sheriff Anderson has established and maintained an excellent partnership with the citizens of Baltimore and our partners in city government, based largely on daily efforts, such as the crime prevention and the proactive community outreach strategy of the Sheriff’s Office in all neighborhoods of this city. 

Increase the Service Of Arrest Warrants held by the Sheriff’s Office

WarrantsThe Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office houses thousands of warrants, some dating back to 1977 and earlier.  Over 1,700 historic and un-servable warrants have been administratively closed or recalled and our work continues.  

Under the leadership of Sheriff Anderson, the Warrant Division continues to conduct regular initiatives and operational plans maximizing resources to serve these warrants. The Sheriff has established a full-time Sheriff’s Office Warrant Task Force with the Maryland State Police and the United States Marshals Service. Deputy Sheriffs on this task force (The Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force) are sworn in as Special Deputy United States Marshals with the jurisdictional ability to track fugitives nationally. The Sheriff Task Force focuses on Baltimore City’s most violent offenders who are wanted on warrants. With the resources of the State Police and U.S. Marshals Service behind Sheriff Anderson’s Deputies, in a six-month period, this highly effective Task Force made over 596 arrests, cleared 773 warrants, and seized 44 firearms.       

Many of the warrants housed by the Sheriff’s Office are for child support offenses. Sheriff Anderson secured for the citizens of Baltimore a 1.2 million dollar Federal and State Grant for Child Support Enforcement.  From January 1-August 31, 2013, Deputy Sheriffs effected 252 arrests for Child Support Offenses, served/cleared 307 Child Support Warrants, and served 3,456 Child Support Summonses.  

Daily Deployment of Deputy Sheriffs and Assistance to the Baltimore Police Department in their Patrol Efforts

Our daily deployment strategy consists of Deputy Sheriffs in all areas of Baltimore City.  We maintain our partnership with the Citizens of Baltimore and the Baltimore Police Department focused on improved quality of life.  During a snowstorm in February 2014, over 70 sheriffs were assigned to support Baltimore Police patrol efforts throughout Baltimore City.  The Sheriff’s Office maintains an ongoing dialogue with the Baltimore Police and readily provides assistance whenever needed or requested. Police CarThe Security Division of the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the security of the Circuit Court building and the Department of Juvenile Justice building.  The Court Security Officers provide security to the judges, employees, citizens, and prisoners entering the courthouses. These deputies also maintain order and decorum in the courtroom and hallways.

Each courthouse is equipped with a Metal/Weapon Detector Scanners and Security Officers assigned to these entrances are responsible for confiscating all items considered dangerous and illegal.  Approximately 72,000 individuals enter the Circuit Courthouses and the Juvenile Justice Center each month.  All Deputy Sheriffs have received “Active Shooter” training and the judges assigned to the Circuit Courts have been provided with a safety presentation by the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Sheriffs Working on Federal Task Forces focusing on Violent Crime

Sheriff Anderson is routinely approached by citizens concerned about “Drug and Gang Activity” in neighborhoods, negatively impacting their quality of life. Residents are additionally fearful of shootings and firearms violence. Sheriff Anderson is proactively addressing these issues through leveraging Federal Law Enforcement Partnerships and enhancing the ability of our Deputy Sheriffs to address violent crime through the Mission of the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office.    

Deputy Sheriffs are assigned as task force officers to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the Capital Area Fugitive Task Force (United States Marshals Service) for the specific goal of reducing violent crime in Baltimore. 

Task ForcesThe ATF Deputy Sheriff assignment brings Federal resources and partnerships to assist in serving warrants for firearm offenses and provides enhanced intelligence and resources in ongoing firearms investigations. The assignment of a Deputy Sheriff to ATF since January 2011 has resulted in the Deputies participating in investigations leading to the seizure of over 300 firearms.  

The D.E.A. Deputy Sheriff assignment also allows the Sheriff’s Office to have Federal resources and partnerships to assist in serving warrants for narcotics violations and provides enhanced intelligence and resources in ongoing narcotics investigations.

The Capital Area Fugitive Task Force, where Deputy Sheriffs are sworn in as Special U.S. Marshals, focuses on violent offenders with open warrants and additionally plays a Gang Disruption role. This unit has arrested well over 30 validated gang members. 

Domestic Violence Unit

Focus on Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Unit 2Under the leadership of Sheriff Anderson, the Domestic Violence Unit was created.  This unit is responsible for the service of peace orders and will eventually assume the responsibility of serving protective orders from the Baltimore Police Department.  The addition of this unit and this proactive law enforcement effort, clearly establish the Sheriff’s Office as taking the lead in the fight against domestic violence.  This unit utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as VINE, an automated service that allows the petitioner to track the status of a protective order over the phone or Internet.  VINE (VPO) also allows petitioners to register to be notified by phone or e-mail of changes in the status of a protective order. 

The Sheriff’s Office through a partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Information Technology has developed a computer program specifically designed for the Sheriff’s Office Domestic Violence Unit called SHIELD. The SHIELD system is a cutting-edge tracking and records management program that allows Sheriff Advocates to interview victims of domestic violence and transmit this information to the  Deputies on the street in real-time. Deputies on the street, utilizing the mobile computers in their vehicles, can record service information as well as access reports and enter field notes. Supervisors can monitor and track cases to maximize efficient and effective service and promote quality Sheriff Services to protect victims. 

Domestic Violence Unit 3

Sheriff's Domestic Violence Unit
Located 1400 East North Ave

Sheriff Anderson is represented on the Domestic Violence Lethality Review Team and the Domestic Violence Coordinating Criminal Justice Council. Sheriff Anderson’s Office maintains an excellent partnership with Domestic Violence Advocacy Groups such as the House of Ruth, the Women’s Law Center, and CHANA.  The Sheriff’s Office is resolute about the business of protecting the citizens of Baltimore from abuse and harassment. 
Domestic Violence Unit 4