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Open Positions That We Are Currently Accepting Applications For. . .

Court Security Officer
Court Security Officer- Experienced

The Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office is currently accepting applications for Court Security Officer (CSO) and Experienced Court Security Officer. These positions and the Questionnaire are also referenced in the "Related Documents" section at the bottom of the page.

Please Note: The completed application along with this  Applicant Questionnaire must be completed in full to be considered for employment. Make sure that you have placed your signature on each section of the questionnaire that requires it.

Additional Things to Remember . . .

  • Be sure to include ALL the required documentation that is requested before submitting your application.
  • Have your Primary Care Physician or an Urgent Care Physician complete the Medical Practitioner Form.
  • The Waiver of Liability Form will require that your signature be witnessed by an employee of the Sheriff’s Office when you submit your completed application to us IN Person.  

    Applications are to be returned to  Stacey Reed at the address listed below:

    Sheriff’s Office
    111 North Calvert Street – Room B1
    Baltimore, MD 21202

If you need the assistance of a notary, we have one available on site. However, you will have to call our office at 410.396.8890 in advance of the date you submit your application along with the questionnaire to make arrangements for a notary to be present.


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