District Court Section
Baltimore City is divided into 21 districts. Each district is assigned a deputy to serve and execute all legal documents and orders issued for respondents living in these areas. In addition, deputies are assigned to execute all sheriffs' sales for real property and chattels and the execution of all processes originating from the Rent Court including Eviction Orders.

district court 1district court 2

Field Enforcement /District Court Section
111 N. Calvert St 
Rear Garage 
Baltimore, MD 21202

Child Support Civil Service Section
The Child Support Civil Service Section of the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office is comprised of three clerks and five Deputies assigned to serve and execute all documents received from the Circuit Court Paternity Division for Child support Cases. 

Child Support

Child Support Warrant Unit
Deputies assigned to this unit locate and arrest individuals wanted on Child Support and paternity warrants in Baltimore City.

Warrant Unit
Child Support Division
100 N. Calvert Street
Room 104
Baltimore, MD 21202

Security Division - Court Security Officers are responsible for the security in both Circuit Court buildings and DJJ Center. They provide security to the judges, employees, citizens, and prisoners entering the courthouses. The primary duty of the security officer assigned to court is the safety of the judge. Should an incident occur, the officer is to get the judge to safety and then respond to the disturbance. They also maintain order and decorum in the courtrooms and hallways. Each courthouse is equipped with a Metal/Weapon Detector Scanner to scan all visitors for weapons.

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Security Division
100 N. Calvert Street
Room 119
Baltimore, MD 21202

Court Assignment - Deputies assigned to court have the responsibility of maintaining the custody of the prisoners as they are escorted to and from the courtrooms during their trial. Should a jury be requested overnight, the deputy is required to provide 24-hour security, which includes transportation to and from overnight accommodations.


Transportation/ Lockup Unit - Deputy Sheriffs are responsible for providing transportation for the transfer of prisoners on a daily basis from the sheriff's holding facility to the place of incarceration, to which prisoners have been remanded.

transportation 2  

Transportation/Lockup Division
100 N. Calvert Street
Room 465
Baltimore, MD 21202

K-9 Unit - Trained explosive detection dogs and their handler patrol the two Courthouses and Department of Juvenile Justice Center on a regular basis as part of the Sheriff's Homeland Security initiative.


Traffic - All deputy sheriffs have been given moving violation books and marching orders from Sheriff John W. Anderson to enforce all motor vehicle laws. Many Deputies have received specialized traffic training and participate in DWI and seatbelt enforcement checkpoint details.


Miles/Warrant Control Unit - Baltimore City Circuit Court Warrants are housed and entered into a national and local database system, which enables all law enforcement agencies throughout the State to verify criminal and warrant information quickly on individuals. This unit is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by operators working 3 shifts.

miles unit

Accounting Department - Processes and collects all fines and court costs set by the Courts.


Domestic Violence Unit - Enforcement and service of Domestic Violence and Peace Orders. This award-winning team of Deputies and Civilian support staff maintains an extremely high service and arrest rate.

Domestic Violence unit

Internal Affairs – The function of the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs is to process and investigate complaints against members of the agency. Interviews are conducted to identify the members being accused and to obtain the facts concerning the complaints.

They also conduct background investigations of all applicants applying with the BCSO. This includes conducting interviews and compiling personal and professional information for employment candidates. internal affairs division

Internal Affairs Division
100 N. Calvert Street
Room 455
Baltimore, MD 21202